Welcome to the community edition of example cards for Lovelace


If you want to contribute with examples:

  • Click the Edit on GitHub to get to the repo on GitHub

  • Fork that repo to your own user.

  • Add your edits to your fork.

  • If you add a new card, make sure to link it in SUMMARY.md

The only rules for submitting a new card is that you have the package configuration included so that its easy for an beginner user to setup the card and that all resources are available either linked or added as files in the doc.

  • No personal info should be included (that means scrub the example before posting).

  • Make sure to outline what changes the user has to make in order for the card to work.

  • Include a screenshot of your working card.

  • You should only include graphics that you have the right to share.

This site has no affiliation with Home Assistant, this is a little project that was started by some of it's community members, if you have any issues with the content here do not seek help in any of Home Assistant's support channels, use our issue tracker on GitHub.

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